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Starlite ROCKSHOP Distribution Application

The Starlite Records On-Line Distribution Centre specializes only in merchandising product by either the Legends of Classic Rock 'n' Roll, or those that keep the music alive today. We are a ONE-STOP Shop were goods can be purchased securely either on-line, or by fax and snail mail.

Most of thes CD's, Cassettes and Videos are produced and promoted by the bands, artists or their management consequently they are not available in retail stores and would normally have to be purchased at one of their shows. The standard of most of the product is excellent, recently recorded and represents a wide cross section of styles that fall into the category 'Rock 'n' Roll'.

If you are a band or performer specialising in the Classic Rock'n'Roll genre, you can apply for us to distribute your product on the Internet at this ROCKSHOP.

This is NOT an exclusive deal as you can sell it wherever, for whatever, whenever you wish. Our agreement purely allows you the producer to include your product in this store. You set the price of your product and we sell it for you.

If you wish to know more or apply to have your product included please email us with details of the band, the product and its retail price.

Application & Inquiries
Application & Inquiries

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We do not carry any of your stock except a sample and you are paid immediatley for everything you ship.

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