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The Starlite Records On-Line Distribution Centre accepts orders via MAIL ORDER to..
PO Box 3374, Liverpool NSW 2170 Australia

These orders are processed the day of arrival Monday to Friday and payment is accepted by Credit Card, Cash, Postal Money Order, Cheque (Must clear before shipping) or Direct Payment to our bank branch in your area.
(Request these particulars by email)

If you wish to proceed with a MAIL ORDER transaction please use the MAIL option on the ORDER FORM, submit it, then mail us your order & payment details by printing out our TEXT FORM and mailing it to us.

If you wish to use another method, please choose that on the form instead.
1. FAX
Your order is emailed to you after it is submitted and approved.

You can also use the TEXT FORM which can be either faxed or mailed.

Once payments are recieved product will be shipped which should be recieved within a few days. If your order is not recieved within 7 days, please email us the date of your order, what you bought, the amount and how you paid for it.

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