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The Roots of Australian Rock 'n' Roll
By Lonnie Lee and those who took part


Another of the Sydney Eastern suburbs singers who went on to fame and glory was Alan Dale. He lived along the southern beaches area and was a big band singer before moving over to the new fledgling R'n'R around 1957. He decided to include some R'n'R in his regular dances and this element eventually took over from the ballroom styles as the months went by. His first dances were at Alexandria Town Hall, Mawson's Hall in Newtown and other Town Halls around the Sydney area and his popularity rose sharply. His only competition was Johnny O'keefe who actually bought into some of Alan's dance venues however most were his own.

He was close friends with J O'k before either were into R'n'R as Alan worked for a printer who rented space in the R.M. O'keefe building on Pitt St., Sydney where JO'k's father owned and operated a furniture store. They were family friends and this continued until the friendly competition turned into rivalry as the scene grew.

His band were called The Houserockers and did just that as he had some very good musicians on board. His style of Rock was similar to Bill Haley, Freddie Bell and other 'band singers' as opposed to the raucious black style of J. O'k and country Rockabilly of Lonnie Lee.

Alan records for EMI Records as it's first Rock 'n' Roll Star

His first major hit 'Crackin' Up' went into the Top 40 and a good rockin' LP followed. Unfortunately EMI was not geared up for Popular Music as such and didn't take advantage of Alan's popularity and potential. They went back even more into promoting Australian Bush ballads and country music artists like Rick and Thel, Slim Dusty, Frank Ifield and many others. A few years later, Lonnie Lee was also to fall victim to their failure to market to the popular music market place.

Over the years Alan has been booker of many venues and has done his part to keep the Classic Rock scene alive in and around Sydney. All the time he has kept on singing and still is out there either as a single act or with one of his shows such as.. 'The Johnny O'Keefe Tribute Show'
This show features several artists from those early days and especially at certain times of the year, does great business. Alan Dale's name cannot be placed high enough in his continuing efforts to kick off what is now a thriving Australian music industry.

Photo of Alan

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